Nibi Water Walk

The beginning of May I joined the Nibi “Water” Walk along the Ohio River.  The walk is lead by Sharon Day “Singing Wolf.”  Sharon is an Ojibwe native from Northern Minnesota.  The walk began in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and continues 981 miles to Cairo, Illinois where the Ohio River empties into the Mississippi. The entire journey is a ceremony to heal and honor the water. I meet the group just a few miles north of Point Pleasant, West Virginia.  While walking one person carries a vessel of water from the headwaters of the Ohio and an eagle feather.

Sharon Day has lead several long distance water walks throughout the USA. After walking the Mississippi in 2013 she learned a lot about the Ohio River and decided to organize a walk along the river for the following year.  The Ohio river is the largest tributary of the Mississippi and the most polluted river in the United States, making it a large contributor to the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

“As Ojibwe women we are responsible to care for the water, and to pray for it.  All the water we have on this earth is all we will ever have and only a small amount of it is useable for human consumption.  Our values need to shift so we can begin to understand that water is sacred.”

Here is a short film that I produced about the walk.

To learn more about the Nibi Walks visit


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Carnival Jacmel Haiti

This year I made a pretty last minute decision to go to carnival in Jacmel.  I fell in love with the coastal city when visiting in 2010. Jacmel is known as the art capital of Haiti and is one reason I was drawn to the city and continue to be completely inspired by the place.

People in Jacmel have always told me how incredible carnival is.  I was told about the music, costumes and the paper mache masks that flood the streets but the extent of what is produced and exhibited at carnival is really quite unimaginable.

I think my friend Aaron Funk, an American now resident of Jacmel, describes the Jacmel carnival experience best, “Insane-yes. Unforgettable-yes. Beautiful-yes. A little dangerous-yes again. Life changing – guaranteed.”  I would definitely recommend visiting this beautiful caribbean city and taking an extending trip in February for carnival to explore what can only be experienced in Jacmel.  For a short preview of the event check out the images posted below…


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Elk River Chemical Spill

Here is a new multimedia piece about how the Elk River chemical spill is affecting LaCrisha Rose and her family in Cabin Creek, WV. Please watch and share.

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Kenscoff to Peredo – Haiti

I started the year off in Haiti doing a hike from Kenscoff to Peredo with my Charlie.  I have always wanted to do the hike and heard a lot about it while living in Haiti in the past.  The scenery was incredible beautiful.  Here are a few images taken while making the trek.


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Portrait Series Shepherdstown, WV

I am working on a series of portraits of people in Shepherdstown, WV. Here are a few of the most recent portraits I have captured.


Garth Emmery Janssen from Lost Dog Coffee

Giovanni Masini-Larsen

Giovanni Masini-Larsen


Steve Dancing Hammers Odonnell

Neal Delano Martineau

Neal Delano Martineau

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Portraits with Steve Dancing Hammers” O’Donnell

Here are a selection of images from a shoot with Steve “Dancing Hammers” O’Donnell.  These were taken as part of a project I am working on of portraits of individuals from Shepherdstown, WV. I will be updating and posting one image from each shoot here


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Photo Shoot with – The Scarecrows

Here are a selection of images from a photo shoot with a band called The Scarecrows.  My good friend Ernie Garcia is one of the singer song writers from the band.  We did the shoot shoot near the Potomac river  in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.


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Aaron Treher – At home in Shepherdstown West Virginia

This image I took in our kitchen yesterday.  I wanted to play around with my light modifiers in preparation for a shoot.  I was trying to decide if I should use the Westcott Apollo orb or a medium size soft box.  Decided to go with the orb.


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Singer-Songer Jules Kehr

Last week I did a photo shoot with Jules Kehr.  Jules is a young singer-songer writer from Ohio.  I met Jules at a performance in Shippensburg, PA and was immediately captivated by her authentic performance and sound.   That same evening I was introduced to her and was equally impressed by her person.  Jules is one of those unique souls that wonder the world.  Once talking to her you realize she is on a mission to spread light and love.  Her presence and perspective make you take a second look at what it means to love and its importance in the world.  She is an incredibly wise and talented young lady with a lot of important things to say (and sing) about the world we live in and the way we treat each other.

Check out here music below and images of our shoot together.


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Hackensaw Boys

I saw the Hackensaw Boys perform at the Opera House in Shepherdstown, WV.  The band is a charlottesville-based bluegrass band.  Their performance is fantastic.  At the end of the evening the band was called back on stage for one final song but moved their performance off stage and into the crowd.



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