Frack Waste Injection Well Site – Concerned Residents in the Fayette Plateau

Below are images from a short film about an injection well site that is owned and operated by Danny Webb Construction, located in Lochgelly, WV.  The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) gave Danny Webb a class II injection well permit in 2002. The permit allows for the dumping of waste from oil and natural gas industries. The creek located next to the site is the headwaters of Wolf Creek which leads directly into the New River, upstream from the current water intake for the surround areas.

The film exposed years of violations at the site and the West Virginia DEP’s failure to enforce regulations that would protect public health. In 2007, resident Brad Keenan presented evidence to the West Virginia DEP that toxic and radioactive waste was polluting Wolf Creek. The footage in the film was captured seven years later and features residents Brad Keenan, Mary Rahall, former employee Peter Halverson, and restaurant owner Wendy Bays.

The film is part of a series about resource extraction throughout West Virginia called “In the Hills and Hollows”  and is sponsored by the Civil Society Institute and the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition.


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